At Point of Return we believe in helping those that took a medication without any awareness of the dangers, found themselves trapped and unable to stop the pills.  Our program is an alternative to in-patient treatment and over the last 11 years our nonprofit has helped people in 73 countries to recover their lives. We are here to help you too.

Our Withdrawal Program provides a slow titration method combined with unique nutraceuticals to calm and support the nervous system - all done in the comfort of your home. What makes us different is that we’ve lived it, recovered and are here to guide you. Find out more about our taper programs.

Our Approach

  • EDUCATE - We are experts on withdrawing from addictive medications; and instruct on proper titration rates; how to avoid interactions and naturally ease symptoms. Call for a free consultation at 866.605.2333 or send us a confidentional inquiry.

  • ASSIST - Our Knowledgeable and kind team guides you through the entire tapering process. You are never alone. We have assisted people in 73 countries and can also help you. Learn more about our taper programs.

  • INSPIRE - Our dedicated team has survived extreme challenges and we use our experience to inspire others. It is our struggles that set the agenda for change. Read more about our team.

  • RECOVER - Our clients recover on many levels, not just from the addictive hold of pills. We help you learn how to protect your future. Read our success stories.

We are committed to making global change, one person, one community, one country at a time.

Taper Programs: Point of Return specializes in benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and antidepressants for those taking their medication as prescribed and yet find withdrawing too challenging. We advise on interactions with herbs, vitamins and over-the-counter medications to make your taper more comfortable.
This is a low-cost alternative to treatment done in the comfort of your own home. MORE...

Withdrawal Brochure: Download our brochure to learn more about our taper programs. MORE...

Frequently Asked Questions: Our 501c3 nonprofit is in its 11th year and our team are prescription drug experts that have appeared in hundreds of television, radio, print and online news outlets.  Have more questions? MORE...

About Us: We are drug experts for The O’Reilly Factor, FNC, CNN, ABC and other news outlets. The Point of Return team has survived extreme adversity, and each member is dedicated to helping people escape their dependence to benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and antidepressants. Our dedication and kindness set us apart. MORE...

Point of Return in the News

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People We've Helped

God brought me to this program and these amazing and knowledgeable people.

"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! Freedom is sweet and POR has blessed my life beyond measure!" - Karole R., (California) - Dalmane, Tramadol

"I have total faith that with a bit of willingness, lots of handwork and discipline, and the loving guidance from POR, you too will succeed!" - Carolyn A., (Canada) - Klonopin, Zopiclone

clonazepam withdrawal"Thank you POR, thank each and everyone of you for your unceasing dedication and encouragement given so freely to people all over the world!" - Iris S., (California) - Clonazepam

klonopin withdrawal"I am so blessed and humbled to be finishing. Thank you and God bless you all as I enter Alumni land WOOHOO!!" - Kathy A., (New York) - Klonopin

Recent News

Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Could Increase Autism Risk by Almost 90%

(by Tony Whitfield) - December 14, 2015 - Mums-to-be who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs from the third month doubles the risk their child will be diagnosed with autism by seven... More