At Point of Return we believe in empowering the individual. Our approach to wellness includes the freedom from prescription pill dependence, but also involves all aspects of healthy living.

Rather than a painful cold-turkey withdrawal, we provide a slow titration method with unique nutraceuticals - all done in the comfort of your home.
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Our Approach

  • EDUCATE - We are experts on withdrawing from addictive medications; and instruct on proper titration rates; how to avoid interactions and naturally ease symptoms.

  • ASSIST - Our Knowledgeable and kind team guides you through the entire process. You are never alone. We have assisted people in 70 countries and can also help you.

  • INSPIRE - Our dedicated team has survived extreme challenges and we use our experience to inspire others. It is our struggles that set the agenda for change.

  • RECOVER - Our clients recover on many levels, not just from the addictive hold of pills. We help you learn how to protect your future.

We are committed to making global change, one person, one community, one country at a time.

Point of Return in the News

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People We've Helped

Thank you, POR, for the great part you have played in my story of healing. I will remain forever grateful.

rachel m, canada, Prozac and Lamictal withdrawal"I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not have been able to achieve this freedom without the help of Point of Return (POR) and their supplementation. POR made the impossible, possible. ." - Miranda E., (Colorado) - Zoloft

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