A Word from the Co-Founder

ambien taperingI am asking you to donate to Point of Return. Our organization began nearly ten years ago, and I’m amazed and humbled to see lives changed in every corner of the globe. Each person contacted us in desperation - fearful, and yet hopeful that what we offered had validity. And one-by-one they have recovered from the tight hold the pills developed, and they have healed. I’ve watched voices rise with gratitude as their bodies and minds recovered. I’ve seen many turn back to help another - offering hope and a path to freedom.

In the last decade we have seen Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole-Smith and Brittany Murphy all lose their lives to prescription drugs. Yet so many others have gone unnoticed. I could have followed their path so easily. Instead, I have dedicated my life to helping others recover from what I believe is a travesty. It is our mission to help people regain their lives from prescription drug dependency. To save precious lives before it is too late.

I believe in the mission of Point of Return. It started with my personal experience both on the pills and in the healing process, and has grown to encompass people in 56 countries.  Although we are a non-profit, to date, we have received no government funding and rely entirely on donations and nutrient sales to keep our organization alive. Yet most of what we do is for free. Our dedicated team works mainly as volunteers. They offer their time, commitment and experience so that others may follow this path to freedom.

Imagine a world liberated from dependence to prescription pills. Imagine our creativity, passion, spirituality and tenderness reaching to others. And imagine our children safe, for they are our future. With your help we can rebuild a society that is one to be revered. We can offer a new way of living.

Thank you for believing in my dream and for making my personal suffering meaningful. But I need your help. Make a donation today.

Alesandra Rain
Co-founder, Point of Return

Our Promise to You

Your money will always be used effectively and responsibly. 100% of every Point of Return donation is used to assist an individual in need of our program / nutraceuticals. We also ship all donated items for free. Please never hesitate to ask the questions you need to.


All donations are tax deductible. If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please send checks to:

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Be Inspired and Be Involved

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Point of Return is a non profit organization dedicated to helping individuals gain freedom from the grip of prescription addiction. With your help we can help more individual lives, more families, more communities, more countries and make a global difference.

100% of every Point of Return donation is used to assist an individual in need of our program / nutraceuticals. We also ship all donated items for free.

Thank you. Every dollar donated makes a huge difference.

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Share the Word

We would love you to share the mission and success of Point of Return. We can provide you with Point of Return flyers or postcards for you to pass on to family members, neighbors, co-workers, local stores and organizations in your area.  Just let us know how many flyers or postcards you need and we will mail them to you free of charge. To inquire, please contact us at info@pointofreturn.org.


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“For it is in giving that we receive.”  St. Francis of Assisi