Lexotanil Withdrawl and Tapering Help

Bromazepam (Lexotanil) was patented by Roche in 1963 and developed for clinical use in the 1970s. It is marketed under the brand names Lexotan, Lectopam, Lexillum, Brazepam and Bromaze.

Like all Benzodiazepines, Bromazepam (Lexotanil) has demonstrated both psychological and physical dependence including marked rebound anxiety after even 4 weeks of chronic use.

Animal studies have shown that chronic use of Bromazepam (Lexotanil) (like all Benzodiazepines) causes a decrease in muscle function, decrease in noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, while increasing the hormones produced by the adrenal glands (catecholamine) as well as Tyrosine, an amino acid that is a precursor to thyroid hormones; melanin, the dark pigment in hair and also catecholamines. This helps to explain why many on Bromazepam (Lexotanil) also suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid dysfunction and graying hair.

Bromazepam (Lexotanil) is listed as a pregnancy category D, a classification that means Bromazepam (Lexotanil) has been shown to cause harm to the unborn child.

During withdrawal of Lexotanil, a reduction in Tryptophan and in turn Serotonin occurs as well as a downregulation of GABA. The alterations of these critical chemicals in the brain can cause anxiety, tension, headaches, depression, insomnia, restlessness, depersonalization, numbness/tingling of the extremities and many other symptoms.

Lexotanil must be tapered slowly to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. But many find that even with a slow taper, the benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms are too challenging. This is why our nonprofit uses calming all-natural nutraceuticals to provide needed relief while tapering.

If you are dependent on Lexotanil, our team of experts can help you with slow titration schedules and calming Nutraceuticals to ease Bromazepam withdrawal symptoms. 

We have helped people in 73 countries over the last 11 years and we can also help you.

If you'd like our assistance to taper Lexotanil please send our nonprofit a confidential inquiry, telephone tollfree 866.605.2333 or get started on our program today.

  How Point of Return can Help You

The Point of Return Program is an in-home tapering program that allows you to gradually lessen the amount of Lexotanil while also implementing the use of all-natural, calming nutraceuticals to ease symptoms.  Lexotanil is dangerous to abruptly or rapidly stop and our program is a proven, viable, low-cost option to continue living your life while tapering.

We are prescription drug experts that specialize in Benzodiazepine withdrawals.

How Our Lexotanil Withdrawal Program Works:

  • Point of Return's skilled team takes a personal approach with every client.
  • Unique nutraceuticals helps to reduce symptoms to make Lexotanil withdrawal more comfortable.
  • Interaction items are eliminated to help minimize Lexotanil Withdrawal symptoms.
  • We work with your doctor to taper you slowly.
  • Our natural approach to Lexotanil withdrawal provides items to use during stress.
  • Withdraw while working, caring for your family, and living life.





Included in Your Lexotanil Withdrawal Program

klonopin withdrawal program

*nutraceuticals are used throughout the taper


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Lexotanil Withdrawal Symptoms May Include:

abdominal pains, aching, agoraphobia, anxiety, blurred vision, body vibrations, changes in perception, diarrhea, distended abdomen, feeling of unreality, flu-like symptoms, flatulence, food cravings, hair loss, heart palpitations, heavy limbs, increased allergies, increased sense of smell, insomnia, lethargy, loss of balance, metallic taste, muscle spasms, nightmares, panic attacks, paranoia, persistent & unpleasant memories, severe headaches, shaking, short term memory loss, sore mouth and tongue, sound & light sensitivity, speech difficulties, sweating, suicidal thoughts, tinnitus, unusually sensitive, fear

Other Names for Lexotanil include: (Bromazepam, Lexotan, Lectopam, Lexillum, Brazepam and Bromaze)

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    *Because prescription medications can cause severe withdrawal reactions, do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. The decision to taper any medication should be discussed with your doctor and must be done with their consent and support. More...





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People We've Helped

I have my life back. I attribute this to Point Of Return and the truly devoted people there!

"You who are reading this know what that is worth. Because of Point of Return, my wandering in the wilderness became a journey back to health. " -Catherine K., (Minnesota) Klonopin (Clonazepam)

I am once again feeling creative and purposeful in my life

"If you feel trapped by pharmaceuticals like SSRI's and Benzodiazepines please know that there is hope. I am now free of the grip of Ativan and Klonopin. The Point of Return products and staff are the key to reclaiming your life! You can do this. I know because I've been there". -Paul M., (California) Klonopin (Clonazepam), Ativan

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