Nutritional Supplements

Point of Return utilizes only advanced whole food supplements that are specifically formulated to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and side effects during the tapering process, and yet can be implemented for general health benefit. 

Omega-3 brain healthIn 1989, Dr. Stephen DeFelice,the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, coined the term Nutraceutical from “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. He defined Nutraceuticals as “a substance that can be considered a food or its parts which, in addition to its normal nutritional value, provides benefits including the promotion of health.

Nutraceuticals have higher bioavailability and absorption rates and therefore contain lower milligram levels than “high potency” synthetic vitamins. The body uses whole food ingredients, as the hundreds of cofactors needed to absorb nutrients are inherently included. The body easily absorbs them as real, whole complex vitamins from food.

Synthetic vitamins are often derived from coal tar and therefore poorly assimilated, resulting in the supplement being disposed from the body without providing nutritional or medicinal benefit. 

Coal tar is a yellow crystalline derived from fossil fuel sources and is not only used as a base to make some synthetic vitamins, but also for colorings, paints, chemical, toxic preservatives or harmful food excipients. Coal tar is known carcinogen and widely used in both the food and cosmetic industries. 

While many herbs and food items may alter blood levels of existing drugs, the Point of Return nutrients will not interfere with medications. Included in the withdrawal program is a list of items to remove from the diet that may adversely affect medications. Our approach is to augment healing while simplifying the withdrawal process to keep you safe.
At Point of Return, we utilize Nutraceuticals, or food supplements derived from whole food sources. We do our best to provide quality food-based nutrients for maximum results. Our goal is for you to feel better so that you can live life.

-  SUPPORT is produced from nearly 75 gallons (283 liters) of milk from a closed herd of cattle that graze on natural selenium-rich grass.  Each batch of milk is stringently tested to ensure no antibiotics, hormones or other contaminants are present, and we reject any supply that does not meet our rigid high-quality standards. This bioactive whey isolate is produced without the use of high-heat pasteurization which can damage the fragile proteins and amino acid profile that helps support the production of its most critical antioxidant, Glutathione. more...

-  MOOD is distilled with fish from pure waters with ample levels of DHA (for brain health) and EPA (for cardiovascular and joint health) using a state of the art purification process to ensure pollutants and toxins are removed. more...

- SLEEP is derived from pure Montmorency tart cherries to preserve the natural enzymes and nutrients. Montmorency cherries have the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance) index of all known fruit ,and is the measure of antioxidant levels in foods. more...

-  RELAX is a lactose-free active decapeptide isolated from the milk of cows never fed hormones or antibiotics, and reared on pastures without herbicides and pesticides. more... 

    We believe in getting as close to nature as possible, and the Point of Return nutrients adhere to this philosophy. With so many supplements on the market today, we are confident thatYou Will Feel The Difference!!

    *Thes statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products mentioned / sold are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. MORE...

Nutrients We Use

SUPPORT - A Bioactive Microfiltered Undenatured Whey Protein 570g

"feel the difference*"

Specialized formula specifically developed to ease drug withdrawal. A pharmaceutical grade microfiltered undenatured whey protein isolate that promotes glutathione and immune health. More... Price: $89

RELAX - Natural Stress Reliever*

"scientifically tested, nature approved*"

non addictive stress relieverall-natural protein containing a bioactive decapeptide that has clinically proven anti-stress properties to help with tension.* (120 capsules) More...

Price: $59


MOOD - Omega-3 Fish Oil for Brain Health*

"stronger blend, better price*"

Omega-3 fish oil for cognitive function and brain health.* Supercritical technology for purity and potency. (90softgels) More...

Price: $42


Sleep - Natural Sleep Remedy*

"your zzzzz's naturally*"

A natural Montmorency tart cherry sleep remedy* (100 tablets) More...

Price: $42