Wendy Honeycutt

pineal glandFew have endured what Wendy Honeycutt has suffered. At 15, Wendy's mother committed suicide. She was married at 17 and had her first son at 18. He contracted spinal meningitis and was left severely retarded. Then her brother and best friend followed the same path as her mom, and took his life.

This began Wendy’s descent into addiction to illegal and prescription drugs. But her world was meant to shatter completely when her middle son was killed at 12 years old in a 4-wheeling accident. Wendy collapsed into prescription pill addiction for years.

It was Wendy’s connection to God that pulled her from the abyss, and she wanted her life back. She contacted Point of Return and began a path to gain her freedom. It took many months to taper off the pills, but Wendy knew in her heart that she had a calling. Its been seven years since Wendy completed the program, and now she dedicates her life to helping others with her story of perseverance.

Today Wendy is a certified pastor with the Assembly of God church and has touched people worldwide with her story of courage. She has taught College/Career Sunday School and served as a leader with Younglife, a nationwide Christian Youth organization. Wendy has appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) on the Praise the Lord Program, and on CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) while serving in a ministry at the Angola Prison in Louisiana. Angola is the largest maximum security prison in the United States. She has also been a guest on numerous radio shows.

Wendy is a valued member of the Point of Return executive team and a moderator of POINT OF RETURN's private discussion board. Wendy currently lives in Texas with her husband and son but regularly is in California at the Point of Return headquarters.

Interviews with Wendy:

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